Thursday, October 20, 2011

Retro Ads: Childhood

Cocaine Tooth Drops: Part of the great history of America is that for a long time we ate things that were actually addictive drugs. And when did we stop picking up pills from the "druggist"?

Iver Johnson Revolvers: Papa forces his little girl to stay up all night holding his revolver. "It's ok though, because he says it won't hurt us. See, it says so right here on my night shirt." Between the gun and the not creepy doll, Sally ought to doze off any minute now...

Blatz Beer: Nowadays cool parents don't get drunk with their children until their senior spring break trip to an all-inclusive mexican resort. In the good old days, mommy would take a sippy then baby would take a sippy until they could both giggle away their oppression. 

Gillette Safety Razor: No one wants a bearded baby. The blade is so safe you can run it down your son's soft baby neck.

DuPont Cellophane: Mommy is so happy when she buys Du Pont Cellophane. It makes her postpartum depression just fade away...

Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab: Were atomic bombs something dangerous to play with or fun and safe to play with? This gives a whole new meaning to Baby Einstein.

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